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Synergy Aluminium Scaffold is one of the Sydney, Australia's well-known companies and exporters or suppliers of Aluminium scaffolding. Our scaffolds are manufactured using high-grade Aluminium that takes-in relentless quality testing, extending the lifespan of your property. We are completely authorized and certified with a NSW Work Cover Certification and offer a turnkey explication by industry experts to provide you the right products as per your requirement. Our scaffolding is flexible to go with your specific need, if you would like to go even higher or wider, then we have an easy solution for that also. We render all the parts to hook up the extra pieces. Our manufacturers use high-grade Aluminium exclusively for manufacturing premium products. With our Autralia-wide supply, we can provide our products at exceptionally cheap prices without compromising with the quality of the products.

Synergy Aluminium Scaffold also supplies you rental options for all of our scaffolds. Call us now and speak to our consultant.

When you are scrutinizing the entire web for finding the best scaffolding manufacturer & supplier in Sydney, we do understand that you want a scaffolds contractor who delivers comprehensively. Scaffolding isn't merely about lodging connected steel tubes, but also about ensuring safety, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness.

At Synergy Aluminium Scaffold in Sydney, we are proud to be among the top-notch Aluminum scaffolding manufacturers and suppliers. No matter, what your project is and how high it is; Synergy Aluminium Scaffolds is always there to execute your project effectively, at cheap prices. We promise to provide complete service, right from cutting edge to connecting steel tubes. We believe in excellency and the same is guaranteed through the standardized scanning of each ladder and tower by our team of professional staff. With Synergy Aluminium Scaffold, undertaking your project; you can be relaxed about quality of equipments, and the level of safety we provide to our clients. Our offerings are added up with features such as easy usability, light weight, and elegant looks.

Call us now at 1300 796 303 and speak to our consultants for all types of aluminum scaffolding manufacturers and suppliers in Sydney!



Scaffolds are generally used by workers working at great altitudes. When the building is approaching to its completion, there are loads of final touches to be given, cement to be leveled, dabs of paint to be poured, etc. For ensuring fast completion of the civil project, labors often use scaffolding...

July 17th, 2013
Mobile Scaffolding

Scaffolds are such a miracle which facilitates you to get through to difficult spots that are unapproachable. To reach that higher altitudes, if you go with mobile scaffolding it’s just the icing on the cake as mobile scaffolds are movable which can be easily shifted from one place another. Scaffo...

June 22nd, 2013
Buy Scaffolding

Construction of a building requires reaching great heights and scaffolding is something that helps you achieve the task. Scaffolding is basically a temporary structure that is used to lift laborers up at great altitudes while they are constructing or repairing large buildings and houses. It is a mod...

June 20th, 2013
Scaffolding Brisbane

Aluminium Scaffoldings are highly essential for workers who are working at construction site. Such Scaffoldings provide strength & firmness to workers while they are working at great altitudes along with a support system that they always needed. The good thing is that Aluminium Scaffolding is al...

June 18th, 2013

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